iFixit: Plastic Pixel is Pretty Fixable, Receives 6/10 Repairability Score

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According to the good folks at iFixit, Google’s latest entry into the Pixel line, the Pixel 3a XL, is a lot easier to self repair than other devices currently on the market. For all of you #RightToRepair people, this is good.

Apparently, opening up the Pixel 3a XL and then fondling its innards is quite easy, thanks to the usage of only T3 Torx screws. In addition, iFixit states that most components are modular and can be easily replaced once the display assembly is removed, plus a repair-friendly stretch-release adhesive is what secures the battery.

As for why it still only receives a 6 out of 10 for repairability, which is still a helluva lot better than most high-end smartphones we see these days, the company says that the display is thin and poorly supported, but the worst offense is the usage of long and thin ribbon cables that connect the internal components which can be obnoxious to work around and are easy to accidentally tear.

So, if you find yourself digging into your new Pixel 3a XL, be careful.

// iFixit



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