OnePlus: OnePlus 7 Pro Has Water Resistance, But Please Don’t Drop It in Water

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OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei took to the company’s forum today to discuss IP ratings and the OnePlus 7 Pro.

To keep this brief, he understands that people like having an IP rating associated with their smartphone, but in the long run, it’s an expensive endeavor to have a phone certified for one. Not only does money go toward the actual testing aspect of receiving an IP rating, but we assume it also costs plenty of money to manufacture a phone capable of getting one.

To give you an idea at how resistant the OnePlus 7 Pro will be to water, OnePlus published the following video today.

So, apparently, the OnePlus 7 Pro can withstand a drop in a bucket of water. However, Pei specifically states, “this in not a bucket challenge, and we certainly don’t want all of you to try to drop your OnePlus 7 Pro in a bucket.”

Here’s the full post from OnePlus’ forum.

At OnePlus, we always aim to doing the right things based on what you really need not the industry, especially when it comes to creating the best possible device. Over the past few years, we’ve seen so many comments from you on our phone’s water-resistance quality. In fact, we’ve never stopped improving our design and going through tests to make sure you can finally experience our water-resistant quality.

We know that an IP rating would be the simplest way to prove our phone’s capability, but the certification doesn’t help us communicate our focus on your real experience, which is why we created this direct and relatable video to show you what our water-resistant quality can actually bring to you in your real life in a more powerful way.

However, this is not a bucket challenge, and we certainly don’t want all of you to try to drop your OnePlus 7 Pro in a bucket. And just like other smartphone brands that do IP classify their devices, our warranty does not cover water damage.

This also doesn’t mean that we’ll never consider IP classifying our products in the future.

The takeaway is, no, the OnePlus 7 Pro will not have an IP rating. However, should your phone come into contact with water, it’ll likely be fine. As always, like with any phone, don’t go looking to get your phone wet because the company’s warranty does not cover water damage.

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