Chrome Beta for Android Gets a Dark Mode Flag

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Google pushed an update to Chrome Beta last night as version 74.0.3729.25 and a couple of dark mode-related flags were included. If you want all of your apps to be darker, the time has come for you to give Chrome the love.

If you head into chrome://flags and do a search for “dark,” you’ll find two options to play with. The most important is “Android Chrome UI dark mode,” as it flips the theme of the app to dark when enabled, not the web content you view. If you want all of your web content to flip too, you’ll want to enable “Android web contents dark mode.”

When flipping on “Android Chrome UI dark mode,” the menus and home page will all flip to dark to help drop some of that brightness down. You can see how that looks below, with bugs for fonts not flipping included.

Chrome Beta Dark Mode

If you want to go really wild, that “Android web contents dark mode” option is for you. It basically takes anything light and flips it to dark. On the flip side of that, it’s not great at figuring out what to do with already-dark items. In the shots directly below, you can see what I mean by that in the top bar of the Droid Life site. You may not want to use this option just yet until Google can iron out some of the UI mess.

Chrome Beta Dark Mode

Again, this is all in the latest Chrome Beta that began rolling out last night.

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