DisplayMate Praises Galaxy S10: “Most Color Accurate Display We Have Ever Tested”

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DisplayMate really seems to be enjoying the Galaxy S10. To give you an idea of just how much, here are a few noteworthy quotes from the most recent and lengthy shootout post they provided for the device.

  • “The Galaxy S10 is the most Color Accurate Display that we have ever tested.”
  • “The level of Display Performance and Excellence has been increasing each year, and the Galaxy S10 has again Raised the Bar significantly higher.”
  • “Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect.”
  • “The Galaxy S10 receives 100% All Green Very Good to Excellent Ratings in All Categories, earning DisplayMate‚Äôs highest ever A+ grade.”

Damn, this must be a killer display.

The question we’re left asking, but DisplayMate answers in ridiculously detailed fashion, is what makes the Galaxy S10’s display so good?

According to DisplayMate, the color accuracy is incredibly high (record setting in fact), contrast accuracy and intensity scale accuracy are as equally high (another new record), plus the display’s peak luminance, HDR10+ performance, viewing angle performance, display power enhancements, and a ton more are all exceptional. It would take a day and a half to list out everything DisplayMate praises on this phone, so instead of doing that, I recommend you go read the full report yourself.

With pre-orders set to hit doorsteps this week, many folks will soon be experiencing this highly praised display.

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