Google Intros Adiantum for Devices That Can’t Encrypt Local Data Efficiently

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Whether you’re buying a low-end smartphone, smartwatch, or smart TV, Google wants to make sure the information on the device can be encrypted properly. To reach lower price points for devices, some manufacturers utilize hardware that doesn’t offer support for efficient data encryption. To combat this, Google announced Adiantum this week, yet another part of its Safer Internet Day week-long celebration.

What is Adiantum? Google provided an extremely comprehensive breakdown of the tech in its security blog, which I’m sure others will appreciate, but in layman’s, “Adiantum is a new form of encryption that we built specifically to run on phones and smart devices that don’t have the specialized hardware to use current methods to encrypt locally stored data efficiently. Adiantum is designed to run efficiently without that specialized hardware.”

So, as more individuals in developing areas access the web on portable devices, Google is looking to ensure that their information is secure. That’s a good thing.

For more info on Adiantum, follow the link below.

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