UltraViolet Shutters on July 31

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UltraViolet, the digital locker that holds your purchased movies and TV shows, will shutter on July 31.

If this is the first you’re hearing of this, don’t panic. According to UltraViolet, once July 31 comes, the majority of content you have stored will remain accessible via previously-linked retailers. If you haven’t yet linked your account to a retailer, we recommend doing that now.

As the company puts it, “Linking your UltraViolet Library to additional retailers can maximize your access to your Library and help avoid potential disruption.”

And that’s basically it. Once July 31 comes, you’ll still be able to make purchases and redeem codes, but the purchases may only be watchable via that select retailer and will not be added to your existing UltraViolet library.

RIP, UltraViolet.

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