Chromecast Audio Still $15 Because It’s Been Discontinued

Chromecast Audio

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Over Black Friday weekend, Google dropped the price of the Chromecast Audio to $15, while noting that the price drop would be good through the end of February. That long of a massive price drop seemed odd and would typically only be a move a company would make if the product was being discontinued. As it turns out, the Chromecast Audio has indeed been discontinued.

A post over at reddit first brought up the idea that it was discontinued, but the crew at Android Police has now confirmed it with Google.

The $15 price is still available, though, assuming you can find it in stock anywhere. That price drop has helped it sellout at most retailers.

Not sure why you would want Chromecast Audio? It’s a product that adds Google Cast abilities to dumb speakers. I can’t imagine that the world was ever flocking to buy these, but they did serve a purpose for those with older speakers needing to be modernized. I’ve used a Chromecast Audio since it launched with a pair of Polk bookshelf speakers. I love Chromecast Audio.

If you have older speakers lying around your house that you have been hoping to bring life back to, now is your final chance.

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