YouTube Stories Now Available to All Eligible Channels With 10K+ Subscribers

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Be prepared to see a lot more YouTube Stories in your YouTube application. This week, YouTube is rolling YouTube Stories out to all eligible channels with subscriber counts of over 10,000. These days, that’s a lot of channels.

As explained by YouTube, Stories gives creators a new way of interacting with their audience. Think of it like an Instagram Story, where the creator can capture short clips of whatever it is they are doing, then share that directly with followers. Creators can customize their Stories with music, “YouTubey stickers,” and video filters.

On the flip side, viewers can comment on Stories, thumbs up/down comments just like a usual comment section on YouTube, and you can heart comments.

Creating with Stories is lightweight, easy, and fun. Stories will have the fun creation tools that you know and love. You can add text, music, filters, YouTubey stickers, and more to make your story uniquely you! To create a story, just open the YouTube mobile app, tap on the video camera icon, and select “Create Story.”

This change happened today, so if you follow someone on YouTube with a lot of subscribers, get ready to start seeing a few Stories from them, too.

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