Cloudflare’s App Makes Your Phone’s Internet Faster and Private

Cloudflare App

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Cloudflare, the company that makes a whole chunk of the internet faster and more stable, released an Android app today called you might want to consider installing. It’s goal is to make your internet connection faster and more private, for free. Sound too good to be true? It’s from Cloudflare, so it’s probably no joke.

I’m no internet backend pro, nor do I know all of the fancy internet speak that Cloudflare will talk to you about ( is a DNS resolver), but I do know that they specialize in speedy internet. Cloudflare helps Droid Life stay up all day, every day.

With, Cloudflare is letting your phone use their DNS resolver to connect to the internet. That’s where the faster and privacy parts come in. Cloudflare expects you to get a faster connection to, which should lead to faster connections to websites or apps or whatever your internet connection is trying to do. Cloudflare currently lists out 7 million or so domains on the Cloudflare platform that should instantly connect to.

For privacy, Cloudflare is suggesting that since this is their DNS resolver, they don’t plan to track or sell any of the information on you, like your ISP could currently try and do from their own DNS. Well, Cloudflare needs to keep logs of user data for 24 hours “for debugging purposes,” but will then purge it.

To get started, you hit the link below, install, let it create a VPN profile on your phone, and then turn it on. Once you have done that, your internet connection will start using to connect to the internet, hopefully making it faster and safer.

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