Been Using Google’s Digital Wellbeing? What Do You Think So Far?

Google Digital Wellbeing

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Once Android 9.0 Pie went stable, Google published the first beta of its Digital Wellbeing suite to supported devices, which included the Pixel and Pixel 2 lines. We’ve now had it for about a month and figured it was time to see if everyone has been using it, if it has made a difference in your usage, or if you’ve completely ignored all of the data it shows you.

To recap, Google Digital Wellbeing is a suite of features that attempts to disconnect you from your phone or at least notify you that you’ve stared at Instagram too long today and probably need a break. It also wants to help you wind down in the evenings by taking away that colorful screen of yours, realize how many notifications you get in a day, and how often you unlock your phone.

I can tell you that since it came out and I went through an initial setup, I haven’t looked at the usage numbers much or set any app timers. I do use wind down, so that my phone turns to grayscale at night, but I have altered the timing to a later start after it annoyed me (lol). I guess it’s like Tim said on one of our podcasts, that you have to admit to having a problem (phone addiction) in order to fix it.

What about you, using Digital Wellbeing? If so, how’s it going? Set any app timers?



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