Show Off Your Home Screens Day!

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It’s been way too long since we had folks share what their home screens are looking like, so let’s fix that right now!

During this time, we invite you to upload a screenshot of your current phone’s home screen. We don’t care if you’re using Android or iOS — the main goal is to see how all of us use our phones differently and maybe to get inspired by others to change up our own phones. Do you keep it minimal or do you litter your home with a ton of app icons? There’s no wrong way of doing it!

So, it’s time to show them off! Set up your best home screen, screenshot them, and then upload as many as you’d like through the comments.

For our setups, I’m using Nova Launcher on a OnePlus 6 with the Moonshine Icon Pack (shown above). The wallpaper is from inside that icon pack. For my widget, I use Google’s Clock app. Very straightforward.

Kellen is using an Essential Phone with no custom launcher or icons. The wallpaper he’s using comes from the Resplash app that contains lots of great wallpapers. Again, very straightforward and clean, but with all of those folders, he has quick access to his library of apps.



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