Report: Google Coach Will be Company’s AI-Powered Health and Fitness Platform

Wear OS

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According to a report from Android Police, Google is planning to launch an AI-powered fitness and health platform, called Google Coach. The name is subject to change.

Said to be catered towards those who wear a Wear OS device, Coach is capable of not just tracking and detailing workouts, but it’s said to be more proactive when recommending workout routines and healthy eating habits. Naturally, it’s reported that Google will use its existing abundance of information it has on users to define the recommendations it provides.

Interestingly, Coach is reported to monitor your nutrition and even plan meals for you, regardless if you cook at home or go out. It can recommend meal plans on a weekly basis or also suggest healthy restaurants based on your location and whereabout patterns.

Basically, think Google Fit, but AI-powered and going way beyond the basic fitness tracking. Coach could be a heavily integrated fitness and wellbeing assistant that lives on your smartwatch and smartphone.

With all of this information coming at you from Coach, the report states that Google is working on a way to include a lot of the information in a single notification, instead of spamming you through the day.

There is no word on when Google intends to announce and release Coach, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more details.

// Android Police



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