Tuesday Poll: How Many Apps Are Currently Installed on Your Phone?

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Back in the day when I wasn’t jumping from phone to phone, I installed a ton of apps on my device, easily sitting at around 100 apps or more on any given day. These days, since I’m using a new phone almost once a month and constantly switching, I find that I stick to a set number of apps that I’d call my essential must-have apps, plus a few more added on for new app and game releases as they come.

Right now on my OnePlus 6, I have a total of 73 applications installed. That includes the pre-loaded apps like Calculator and Gallery, plus everything I’ve downloaded from Google Play. I wasn’t expecting to see such a large number, but after looking over each app, I have a usage for each one and while I could certainly tone it down by uninstalling a few, my device’s storage is doing just fine.

How about your phone? Are you close to running out of storage or do you keep it pretty minimal?

How many apps do you have installed on your phone?

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