Question of the Day: How Much Have You Spent on Paid Apps and In-App Purchases?

Google Play

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A few years ago, we asked our readers how much they had spent on paid Android apps and in-app purchases. Back in 2015, I was sitting at $415.97 of total purchases through Google Play. Today, I’m at $694.47. That includes apps I’ve paid for as well as money I’ve spent via in-app purchases, at least according to the app I used to calculate the figure.

After breaking down my figure, I realize that I spend a lot on in-app purchases. Whether it be my favorite Star Wars game or simply removing ads from other apps, all of that money does add up and it’s good to keep in mind how much money we are allocating to certain things in life.

The app I used to determine these amounts is My Paid Apps. You can use it if you want a quick overview, go to your own Google Play activity overview page and add up all of the amounts, or just throw a ballpark figure down below.

So, what’s the damage?



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