Reminder: Verizon Prepaid is Still Doing Double Data Promo


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We’re about to head into a weekend, which often means old promos ending and new ones beginning, so I wanted to make sure you all knew that Verizon is still hosting that double-data-prepaid promo. They haven’t announced an end date for it, but you may not want to wait much longer before pulling the trigger.

To recap, Verizon Prepaid is offering double data for new lines or sign-ups. That means you get double whatever the data amount is on the plan you choose. That could mean jumping from 10GB to 20GB of data for $60/mo, 7GB to 14GB for $50/mo, 3GB to 6GB for $40/mo, or 500MB to 1GB for $30/mo. Verizon is also still offering a $75 “unlimited” plan, but nothing is doubling there for obvious reasons.

Verizon tells us that if you sign-up for double data, you get to keep it as long ask your account stays active on an eligible plan. If you don’t plan switching off of prepaid any time soon, you could lock in 20GB of data at $60/mo for the long haul.

Verizon Prepaid Double Data Promo

verizon double data promo

Also, Verizon Prepaid includes carryover data from one month to the next for unused data, mobile hotspot use, unlimited texting to over 200 countries, and unlimited talk & text in the US. If you choose a 10GB or higher plan, you get unlimited talk to Mexico and Canada too.

Again, we don’t know when this deal ends, but it’s a good one that you might not want to skip.

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