RPG-Style Pokémon Quest Comes to Android

Pokemon Quest

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Pokémon Quest is now available for Android and iOS devices, after a short exclusive period on Nintendo Switch. The game features all of your favorite Pokémon from the old school Blue and Red titles, so any fan of the franchise should automatically be familiar with all of the characters.

In this RPG-style game, you’ll select your first Pokémon partner. Each partner has different attributes that cater to your play style. From here, you will explore Tumblecube Island, and as you’ll see, all of the Pokémon are cubes. The game makes a very big deal about that, so don’t be surprised. Basically, the main objective is to search the island for loot and collect different Pokémon as you go. You’ll get into battles, find new Pokémon, loot and then repeat.

The game is free to download from Google Play, but be aware, there are in-app purchases. Feel free to monitor your kids as needed while they play.

I’m off to catch ’em all yet again!

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