Google Home is Down, Chromecast is Struggling Too (Updated: Fixed!)

google home outage

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At some point last night, Google Home and Chromecast units across this fine Earth stopped working. Google says they are working on fixing them both.

Users who fired up a Home, Mini, or Max with “Hey, Google,” were either told that “there was a glitch” and users should “try again in a few seconds,” or that “Your Google Home isn’t setup yet.” As of the time of this post (10:44AM Pacific), many are still down.

For Chromecasts, they are simply no longer showing up as Cast targets when inside apps. I’m still seeing SHIELD TV units as Cast targets, but Chromecasts have disappeared.

There are numerous threads at Google’s product forums (Home, Chromecast) with users experiencing the issues still. I’ve seen some mentions of their Home units being fixed, but I can tell you that none are working in my house.

So if you are having issues with your Google Home, Home Mini, Home Max, or Chromecast devices, you are not alone. We’ll update this post when Google issues a fix.

UPDATE 11:46AM: Google is still working on both.

UPDATE 3:23PM: Google says they have found a fix that will rollout over 6 hours or so. If you don’t want to wait that long, a reboot will apparently do the trick right away.

You can reboot a couple of ways. The simplest way is to unplug the device, leave it unplugged for a minute, and then plug it back in. The other way is to head into the Google Home app, tap the Devices button in the top right corner, and see a list of your Google Home devices. For each device, tap its 3-dot menu button and then choose “Reboot.”

If rebooting does not fix your issues, Google suggests that you contact them.

google home outage fix



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