Millennials Rejoice, Venmo Now Has a Debit Card

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Venmo, the money transfer service used by millennials the world over, introduced its very own debit card this week, allowing you to take your Venmo balance wherever you go.

While many Venmo users may receive money in their account and then instantly transfer the balance to their actual bank, the Venmo card lets you keep that money in your account and then spend it basically anywhere you want. Because it’s a Mastercard, you can use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted, but it doubles as a debit card so it’s completely ATM friendly should you need cold hard cash.

The card comes with all of the security and usability features you’d expect in 2018. It has a chip for added protection, a feature to disable it instantly from within the Venmo app, and it also has the contactless payment tech built in. Venmo doesn’t specify if it’ll work with services like Apple Pay or Google Pay yet, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t later down the road.

Oh, and they have pretty colors to choose from.

To get your very own Venmo card, update your Venmo app from Google Play (there’s a new update this morning that enables this card), then reserve your spot in line to receive one. Currently, Venmo is slowly rolling out these cards, so we can’t say for sure when you’ll receive one. Fingers crossed it’s soon because I use Venmo religiously and this would be pretty clutch to have in my wallet.

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