Get Mini Metro for Just $2 Right Now, Down From Usual $5 Price

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We wrote up the launch of Mini Metro back in late 2016, and considering that was a while ago, I’ll let it slide if you don’t remember it. However, I’m here to let you know that the game is on sale at this time on Google Play, priced at $2, down from its usual price of $5.

The game will take you all around the world, building rail systems for passengers. You’ll build a system in Paris, NYC, San Francisco, plus plenty more notable areas.

To sum up gameplay, you’ll see various shapes scattered on the map. Those shapes indicate stations where passengers will appear. Your job is to get the differently shaped passengers to their correspondingly shaped stations. You will do this by drawing lines from station to station, but take note, you’re only permitted a certain amount of lines and you’ll want to ensure your passenger routes aren’t too complex. The more complex the route is, the longer other passengers will have to wait, and that’s not good.

This was easily one of my favorite games from the entire 2016 year, so for $2, it’s definitely worth it.

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