VPNhub is a Free VPN Service From Your Friends at Pornhub

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This isn’t a joke – Pornhub, the site you’ll probably deny knowing about as you read this, launched a free VPN service today on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Seriously, they did! It’s called VPNhub and it’s not just a porn masker, although, one could use it for just that if they so choose.

With VPNhub, you get “free and unlimited” VPN access with privacy that includes hiding your IP and security on public WiFi connections. The free version is limited to a single US server, so you may not see the best speeds on the planet. There are ads involved too.

If you want to upgrade out of ads and get access to more servers (including outside of the US) and faster connections, there is indeed a premium tier. Along with the better server selection and lack of ads, VPNhub Premium includes 24/7 support. You can cancel it at any time too. VPNhub Premium costs $11.99 per month.

We’ve got the Google Play link below. For Windows and Mac apps, hit up that source link.

Google Play Link

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