Returner 77 for Android Plays Awesome and Looks Amazing

Returner 77 for Android

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Humanity is in trouble and it’s up to you, Returner 77, to save it.

Recently published to Google Play, Returner 77 is a sci-fi mystery puzzle game, tasking you with solving complex puzzles aboard an alien spaceship. To sum up the current crisis, humans sent a number of survivors into space in a state of cryosleep. Unfortunately, it appears only you and one other Returner is alive, while Earth has been rendered uninhabitable.

To start the game, you attempt to meet with your fellow Returner, Colonel T. Ling. Once aboard this alien spaceship, the puzzles begin. The first few are very easy as you gain entry to the ship, with the game helping you understand the controls for movement and puzzle manipulation. After that, though, you’re on your own and from my play experience, the puzzles get very complex.

While I know many of you enjoy puzzle games, such as The Room series, I want to draw your attention to the game’s graphics and audio. Right at the beginning of booting the game, the developers suggest you wear headphones for getting more immersed in the experience, which I also recommend. Additionally, if you have a phone with a high-resolution display, ensure that it’s cranked up. The game looks and feels amazing, so do everything in your power to allocate the resources to this application.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the experience for anyone, so go download it from Google Play, then share your thoughts below. And remember, take note of your surroundings from time to time. It’s a gorgeous game to look at.

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