Marvel Strike Force is Here to Consume Your Time and Take Your Money

Strike Force Marvel

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Many of you likely hear me talk about a game called Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Well, a new title published by ForNext Games is just like that game I play on a daily basis, but instead of Star Wars characters, it’s based on Marvel characters.

Called Marvel Strike Force, you will collect different toons, including all of your favorite Marvel characters, then pair them up in squads to face opposing Marvel squads. As you advance in the game, your characters can become stronger with new abilities unlocked, but of course, your enemies will become stronger, too. Each character has a set role in a squad. Some are healers, tanks (have more health), attackers, etc,

The main difference you’ll see in this title versus Galaxy of Heroes are the combat visuals. The developer behind this game has obviously put a ton of time into making the battles appear much more cinematic, with sweet camera angles and visual effects. It’s a solid looking game, but undoubtedly one that will take a very long time to progress in, with money always being an option to advance in a shorter amount of time.

Marvel Strike Force is available for download right now on Google Play.

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