Report: HTC U12+, Not the U12, Now Expected in May

U12 Plus from HTC

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Thanks to a new report from VentureBeat, we’re getting what could be our first look at the U12+ from HTC, expected to launch this upcoming May.

According to VentureBeat, the U12+ will not be accompanied by a U12, which is the name we all assumed HTC would use for its next flagship device. The name isn’t that big of a deal, though. What’s more important are the specs and HTC’s plan to market the device, so let’s go over those more interesting details.

As reported, the U12+ features a 6-inch LCD panel with WQHD+ resolution, Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB RAM, 64GB or 128GB internal storage, dual selfie cameras (both 8-megapixel), dual rear-facing cameras (16-megapixel and a 12-megapixel), 3,420mAh battery, the second generation of HTC’s Edge Sense (squeezy sides), and should launch with Android 8.0+ “Oreo.”

Most of these specs align with past reports we’ve shared.

Interestingly, it is said that a bump in the road was encountered during the process of making this device, leading HTC to push back the launch of the U12+ from April to May. We aren’t sure of the details, but so long as HTC launches a good phone that will directly compete with the Galaxy S9+, we won’t hold a delay against them.

While anyone can hope this device is sweet and sells well, it will undoubtedly come down to whether HTC attempts to get a carrier partner to help get this phone into the hands of consumers. With last year’s U11 being solely an online purchase at a somewhat steep price, we saw hardly any adoption, followed by months of sad news coming out of HTC. Last year was a bad year for HTC, so we’ll see what 2018 has in store.

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