Changes for YouTube Live Announced, IFTTT Implementation and Live Chat Now Replayable


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YouTube is improving its livestreaming service, YouTube Live, with an update this month.

With these changes, creators will find new ways of reaching more viewers and making their streams more interactive, but viewers will also see changes that should lead to a richer experience.

For creators, their streams can now have live automatic speech recognition (LASR), allowing viewers to see live automatic captions. According to YouTube, “you’ll get captions with error rates and latency approaching industry standards,” which means any one with the video muted or with a hearing disability can still enjoy the show.

Additionally for creators, your Super Chat can be integrated with IFTTT, meaning a Super Chat can trigger a real-life event. For example, someone donates $5, which would trigger a light show behind you. Of course, you’ll need your smart lights connected to IFTTT, plus a recipe made for this exact instance, but if you’re a full time YouTuber then this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

For viewers, a livestream’s chat typically disappears once the stream is over. With this update, the live chat will live on forever, playing back at the exact same time as it did when it was first recorded. This allows for much more content to digest should you go back and watch the saved livestream, as well as context should the streamer be taking questions or reading off comments from the live chat.

These changes are rolling out now, so check them out.

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