Question of the Day: Why’d You Buy Your Current Phone?

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Android users have no shortage of options when it comes to purchasing new phones. We can get a Galaxy from Samsung, Pixel from Google, or any number of other devices from various device makers. It’s good having a choice.

Our question to you is, why did you buy your current phone? Was it the color of the phone? A certain feature, like waterproofing or UI experience? Maybe the camera is top notch? Or maybe there was simply a deal taking place at your carrier of choice?

For me, I’m still rocking a Pixel 2 XL, waiting for 2018’s lineup to show me what they have to offer. When it comes to why, though, it’s because I value the software experience and camera capability. I want a smooth UI and the ability to shoot pictures accurately and quickly. The Pixel does that for me.

How about you?



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