DEAL: Google Home ($30 Off) and Mini ($10 Off) See Price Drops, Bundles Save You Even More

Best Google Home Max Deal

Now might be the best time to think about getting into a Google Home, Home Mini, or Home Max. At this time, there are solid discounts on all of Google’s Home products, particularly if you bundle them together. Even you don’t need multiple, Home and Mini are discounted individually too.

The deals are as follows. Google Home Mini is $10 off everywhere, dropping its price to $39. If you buy two, though, you’ll save $30 and pay just $68. If you want a regular Google Home, you’ve got a $30 discount everywhere, dropping its price to $99. If you want a regular Home and a Mini, you’ll save $60 for a grand total of $118 (that’s a hell of a deal). And finally, if you go with a Google Home Max and Mini bundle, you’ll save $40, for a total of $408.

Best Buy, Walmart, and the Google Store all have the deals. Best Buy and Walmart have special bundle pages, while Google just asks you to add the combo of devices to cart in order to get the discount.

The Home Mini bundle deal lasts until February 17. We aren’t sure on the others.

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