DEAL: 4-Pack Etekcity WiFi Smart Plugs are Just $49.99 Right Now

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As Tim noted in yesterday’s QotD post, we plan to put a coverage focus on smart home products this year, as they certainly seem to be a growing industry and fun trend to follow. Who doesn’t want to have a cool as hell tech house? So while we prepare a possible series of posts to get you all started on your own smart homes, we’ll do our best to point out good smart home product deals along the way.

Today, those of you getting started in the smart home space may want to head over to Amazon and check out the 4-pack of Voltson WiFi Smart Plugs from Etekcity that is priced at just $49.99.

That’s not as big of a discount as Amazon shows (they say it’s $50 off, yet it’s more like $5 off), but the value in a 4-pack of highly rated WiFi smart plugs for $50 is kind of off the charts. For example, I own a bunch of TP-Link smart plugs that cost $25 a piece on most days. I’m a fool, I know.

What can you do with a WiFi smart plug? A lot! You can schedule plugs to be active or turned-off at certain times (for lights, coffee makers, fans, etc.), track their power usage, and control them from wherever, since they are connected to your home WiFi network and you access them through an app. They also work with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can use voice commands to turn them off and on too. I used them with Assistant during Christmas to setup commands like, “Hey Google, turn on the Christmas tree” and “Turn on the Christmas lights,” for example.

Smart plugs are a must-have for smart home setups.

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