Question of the Day: How’s Life With Project Fi?

google project fi review

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Google announced a pretty major change to Project Fi today in the form of Bill Protection. Going forward, Project Fi is now essentially an unlimited data plan, where you only get charged for your call and texting plan ($20), along with up to 6GB of data (up to $60). If you use less, you pay less, but if you use more than 6GB, you won’t pay anything extra if you don’t want to. It’s a pretty sweet idea for those who fluctuate on data usage each month. We’ve got a full write-up on the details here.

Because of this big change, I went ahead and decided to finally fully dive into Project Fi and give it a proper spin. It’s the one carrier I’ve never really spent much time with (Tim did our Fi testing back in 2015), plus my Pixel 2 XL can sign-up for it without much work, thanks to an embedded Fi SIM card.

But making the switch alongside this big news has me wanting to know more. I’m sure some of you are curious now too. To get all the info we can about Project Fi, we thought we’d ask our Project Fi crew to share their thoughts. I know a number of you have been using Fi for some time. How’s network connectivity been? How are your download and upload speeds? What’s customer service like? How’s overall life with Project Fi?



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