Question of the Day: Why Android?

why android vs ios

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I started Droid Life over 8 years ago now. I started it because I needed an outlet to share my thoughts on my journey through smartphones, but more specifically, my journey with the original Motorola DROID, since it was the first phone to finally take on the iPhone in a realistic way. Over the years, our focus has obviously changed from that original DROID to broader Android-coverage, yet the appreciation for the platform remains.

We’ve seen this grow from a pretty basic smartphone OS that stood out because it had Google Maps and navigation, to one that is not only a joy to look at, but also a joy to use. It’s no longer the nerd’s smartphone option or only built for hackers and ROM guys. It’s no longer confusing to use or feature sets behind anyone else. If anything, Android is the most advanced mobile operating system out there and it continues to excel in that department by pushing for more. Android betters our lives every single day.

It also provides us with choice, something we didn’t have before it and that competing platforms still refuse to offer. You get different flavors in Android, flavors that might taste good to you and not to someone else. And that’s fine – that’s part of the beauty.

Sure, the update situation outside of Google’s phones isn’t ideal, but that’s sort of what you get from a platform built like this. Choice and customizations brings layers of complications and numerous players that all need to do their thing. Android isn’t easy to do, yet it’s benefits certainly outweigh the couple of negatives that its detractors will never stop pointing out.

Why Android over iOS?

And all of that brings me to today’s question, that seems like it needed to be asked to kick off the new year: Why Android? Why is Android the operating system for you? I’ve laid out some of what keeps me around, but what about you?



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