Massive Waze Update Brings ‘OK Waze’ Voice Command, Motorcycle Vehicle Option, and HOV Lane Support

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If you use Waze over Google Maps, be on the lookout for a huge update that is rolling out this week. Inside, there are three big changes, all of which I will detail for you below.

As announced, users can now utilize an “OK Waze” voice prompt, which can then be used to navigate to an address, get an ETA, let you report something during your commute, plus a whole lot more. Waze already had Waze Voice Commands, but now, you can do everything without ever having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. Hooray for safety!

To turn this feature on, head to Settings > Sound & voice > Talk to Waze > Toggle Listen for “OK Waze” on.

Waze also added in a new vehicle type: Motorcycle. Being added to the existing list of Private and Taxi, this new option will allow two-wheeled vehicle riders to access specialized routes, more accurate arrival times, and more.

Lastly, Waze has added HOV (high occupancy vehicle) route support. If you live in an area that has such lanes (sometimes called diamond lanes or carpool lanes), these lanes will be now be used to designate the most optimal route. Thanks to the work of many in the Map Editor Community, HOV route support is open to residents of 22 US states, including California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, and more.

If using this works for you, Waze details how to enable it, depending on which category you fall under.

  • If you ride with a full carpool crew, head to Settings > Navigation > Add Toll/HOV pass > Select from a pre-populated list of passes available in your area.
  • Have a fuel-efficient car? Go to Settings > Navigation > Vehicle Type.

The update is rolling out, so go grab it!

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HOV Route Support Overview

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