Garmin Speak is a Mini Alexa-Equipped Car Accessory, Priced at $149

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Garmin and Amazon have teamed up to launch the Garmin Speak, a mini Amazon Echo-like device with Amazon Alexa onboard to give you voice control powers when in your car. That means access to Alexa’s skills as you drive, only this is in a tiny package that sticks to your windshield.

The Garmin Speak costs $149 and is available today if you are interested.

It works by attaching to your phone via a Garmin Speak app and Bluetooth, so that your phone’s data connection can give it access to Alexa. In other words, this device doesn’t have its own data connection or SIM card or WiFi module, but does connect to your phone to utilize a data plan you already pay for. It also connects to your car’s stereo via Bluetooth or AUX to provide audio feedback and responses.

Garmin says that you’ll be able to play your playlists and podcasts, get traffic updates, hear sports scores and stats, listen to the news, place orders for goods, control your smart home, and even get Garmin’s turn-by-turn spoke directions with a bit of lane guidance on the device’s tiny display.

It looks pretty sweet!

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