Your Pet Photos Will Now Show Up Alongside Your Friends and Family in Google Photos

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Because we all take massive amounts of pictures of our pets thanks to all of our pets being awesome, Google is making it easier to locate them all in Google Photos. Starting today and rolling out globally, Google will start showing your cats and dogs in groups alongside all of the people you currently see.

Instead of just a “People” category, you’ll find a “People & Pets” category that includes your furry friends too. You’ll be able to name them and quickly make albums or movies out of the pictures of them. Additionally, Google says that you’ll also be able to search by breed, so you could search for a Poodle or Maine Coon and find results, plus they are letting you do animal emoji searches with cat and dog emoji.

Google didn’t specify if you’ll need a Photos app update or if this is a server-side change. My guess is the latter.

Google Photos is awesome.

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