Want to Know How Google Built the Pixel 2’s Camera? Watch This Video

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The camera in the new Google Pixel 2 phones is more than likely going to be a really good one. We assume that because the camera in the Pixel and Pixel XL was arguably the best in the business last year, but also because Google seems to have figured something out dating back to the Nexus 5X and 6P. Google is finally serious about smartphones cameras and it has been showing us that for a couple of years now. Oh, and if you care, DxOMark already scored it a bonkers 98.

So how did Google put together the camera for its latest smartphones? On Google’s Nat and Friends YouTube channel, Nat walks us through the making of it all. The clip is over 9 minutes long, but I highly suggest you give it a watch if camera hardware and the processing around imaging takes place is of any interest to you. The video isn’t overly technical, yet still dives just deeply enough to give you some of the dirty details.

You’ll learn info about the image stabilization in the 12.2MP shooter (both EIS and OIS), the camera module used and its lens stack, its dual pixel setup, how some of the processing is done to final images, and the steps taken by Google to work through the camera’s new portrait mode. You’ll even get a look at some of the testing facilities and the equipment Google is using to fine tune its smartphone cameras.



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