Google’s USB Type-C Guru Talks Charging With the Pixel 2 (Update: Or Not!)

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Benson Leung, Google’s go-to man for all things USB Type-C, wattage, and amps, has detailed the exact charging spec for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. This is perfect for all of us who need to know specifically what types of chargers we’ll need to ensure these phones charge not only quickly, but safely.

As detailed by Benson, 18W Type-C + PD (power delivery) power adapters are what ship with the new Pixel 2 devices, but not only that, Google’s new phones can support up to 27W charging from compliant PD chargers.

UPDATE: Or maybe not! Benson has updated his initial post with the following message:

I’d like to clarify this post as Pixel 2 and 2 XL will not be able to support 27W charging. While the phones may be able to negotiate more power using USB Power Delivery when connected to a higher wattage charger, there are other factors which may limit the speed at which it charges the battery. The included 18W charger in the box will provide optimal charging for Pixel 2 and 2 XL. Sorry for the confusion!

Also noted, something that is quite cool, Android 8.0 “Oreo” implements Type-C and PD support using the new Type-C Port Manager in the Linux kernel. This is specifically for 1st-gen Pixel and 2nd-gen Pixel devices, which is good!

Keep in mind, Google made the “Made For Google” accessory certification program official this week, which means if you are in search for a compliant 3rd-party charger for your Pixel device, that should be easier to do now.

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