Google Clips, a $249 GIF-Making Machine for Your Family

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Announced at this morning’s press event, Google unveiled Google Clips, a video clip-taking and GIF-making camera that will cost $249.

Not yet available for purchase or pre-order, Google Clips features a 30-degree field of view sensor with 1.55μm pixels, capable of essentially running all by itself thanks to an always-learning Moment IQ feature, a machine learning algorithm that’s, “smart enough to recognize great expressions, lighting and framing.”

Basically, you will place this little camera wherever action is taking place (in your living room or kitchen), then let it do its job. It will capture videos when it thinks the time is right, then you can access the library via Google Photos. The device also has a shutter button, just to make sure it doesn’t miss a shot you want to capture.

Google states that the camera comes with 16GB of onboard storage and 3 hours of battery life.

We don’t yet have availability info, but it is priced at $249 with a waitlist available on the Google Store.

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