Video: Galaxy Note 8 First Look and Tour!

galaxy note 8 first look

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Annnnd I’m back from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 event after spending a good amount of time with the latest do-everything phone. I ran through the software, the S Pen features, felt that premium glass and metal body, and dove into the camera, since this is Samsung’s first attempt at a flagship dual camera setup.

Is this a $1,000 package of goods? Samsung sure thinks it is! I don’t know yet how I feel about the $950-or-so price, but as Tim just said to me, if you want all of this in a phone, you gotta pay for it. And honestly, this phone does have it all and then some. No one checks boxes like Samsung.

My initial impressions are that this really is just a slight evolution on the Galaxy S8+ with an S Pen, new dual camera setup, bump in RAM, and downgrade in battery. That’s not a bad thing, though! The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are best-in-class phones, so the Note 8 shouldn’t feel bad about that. However, as technology seems to be topping out, it’s hard for companies to massively upgrade phones within months, which is the release schedule of the S and Note lines.

Overall, I think Note fans will love the Note 8. It’ll probably go down as Samsung’s best phone yet, even if it is insanely expensive and very much like the S8+. Samsung is spoiling us at this point.



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