Sprint: LTE+ Speeds Have Increased 28% in Seven Months

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According to Sprint, its LTE+ speeds have increased dramatically over the past seven months, to the tune of 28%. In select markets, 15 to be exact, it holds the fastest download speeds available, according to recent Ookla data. As for which cities those are, they are said to include Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.

As shown in recent studies, Sprint’s overall download speeds are reported to be nearly that of AT&T’s, with speeds of both AT&T and Verizon said to be slowing, thanks to the reintroduction of unlimited data plans. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this, with T-Mobile saying the same thing very recently.

According to Dr. John Saw, Sprint’s CTO, “We’ve been offering unlimited data for nearly 10 years and we have a long history managing customer demand which is why our speeds are improving while others have slowed. Sprint also has far more spectrum capacity than any other U.S. carrier and our data performance and speeds continue to improve as we deploy more of our 2.5 GHz spectrum.”

In a recent post, we asked our readers to share their own carrier speeds. For the most part, everyone seems to be pulling fast data, so long as they are in a decent location. There are plenty of factors when it comes to a speedtest, but when you step back and do the research, you can find the best carrier for you.

Anyone on Sprint been noticing better download speeds when not on WiFi?

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