Report: AT&T Expected to Carry a Huawei Flagship in 2018

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According to a report from The Information, AT&T is expected to carry a Huawei flagship in the first half of 2018. Why is this a big deal? Well, because Huawei hasn’t yet had one of its top-tier devices on a US carrier, making this a pretty big step for a company that longs to be competitive in the US market.

Previously reported back in March, AT&T and Huawei were in early talks to begin testing the Kirin processor on AT&T’s network. We must assume that all went well, given the latest development.

As it stands, Huawei is ranked #3 in terms of global smartphone marketshare, not far behind Apple and its #2 position. Both trail Samsung at #1. With AT&T potentially allowing Huawei to finally break through into the US market, that could be big business for the China-based smartphone maker.

If you’ll recall, not much attention was paid to Huawei in the US, that is until Google decided to partner with them to create the Nexus 6P. Following that, Huawei looks to have gained many fans in the US, and from the comments I read quite often, folks who own a Mate 9 sure do seem to love it.

Now, there are no specifics on which flagship this 2018 phone could be, but given the reported timing, it seems a good guess-timation that it might be the Mate 10 or even the P11. Reports and info are already flying around for the Mate 10, such as details on its EntireView display. Or, maybe, Huawei will have something entirely new by then?

Huawei on AT&T. Are you digging the possibilities?

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