LastPass Premium Doubles in Price to $24 Per Year

lastpass price change

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LastPass, one of the most popular password lockers, announced this morning that its personal lineup pricing is changing. I probably don’t need to say this, but that almost always means an increase in what you’ll pay. And yes, an increase is on the way.

Going forward, the Premium LastPass tier is jumping up from $12 per year to $24 per year. LastPass also introduced a price to its new Families plan, which will cost $48 per year and offer up to 6 users access to your password locker. There is still a free tier as well.

Why the price increase? LastPass doesn’t just come outright and say it, but the announcement today reminds us all that they just polished off a new and improved user experience, while almost simultaneously announcing that new Families plan. Shiny new things are expensive to create and people need to pay for these shiny new things. That’s my takeaway here.

Outside of the price increase, is anything changing? Yep, we have changes! In the free tier, unlimited sharing and emergency access have be taken away and moved to the Premium tier. If you were a free user with an emergency contact selected, you will still have access to that going forward. New users, though, sorry. In the Premium tier, the shared family folder is going away for new Premium tier users. LastPass did say today that existing Premium customers will “maintain all previous sharing capabilities via their one shared folder.” So for current Premium folks, nothing is really changing other than the doubling of the price you pay.

Should you now ditch LastPass and find another password solution? Eh, it’s still cheaper than both DashLane and 1Password’s premium tiers with this price increase. You should probably do a comparison of their feature lists to help you make that decision. I’m a LastPass user who recently gave DashLane a week or so trial. I think I prefer LastPass because I’m used to the way it works, but DashLane certainly has a better desktop app experience and some other positives. (DashLane, 1Password)

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