Sprint Flex is an Upgrade Program That Wants to be Flexible to You


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Sprint introduced a new upgrade plan today called Sprint Flex. It’s a lease program that gives you the option to upgrade yearly or at 18 months if you want, but it also allows you to decide to keep the phone and pay it off in a couple of ways.

To begin, Sprint explains it as you choosing a phone with their “lowest cost down today.” Then you pay monthly like a lease, since you don’t own the phone. From there, you get to decide when to upgrade. If you own specific iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models, there are programs called iPhone Forever and Galaxy Forever that let you upgrade annually at no extra charge. However, if you buy something non-iPhone or non-Galaxy, you can pay $5 per month to be able to upgrade every year.

Additionally, at the 18-month mark, no matter your situation, you can trade-in your phone for a new one with no strings attached (from what I can tell). But that’s not all. You can also choose to pay the phone off at 18 months and keep it for life or continue paying whatever is left on the phone for an additional six months. All the previous lease payments count towards the purchase price.

Keep in mind that there could be activation fees at up to $30 per line.

Make sense? You can learn more about Sprint Flex at this link.

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