AT&T Rebrands GoPhone Service to AT&T Prepaid, Offers 2 Free Months When You Sign Up

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After years of usage, the GoPhone name is going away. In its place, a new brand arises, called AT&T Prepaid. It’s not that flashy, well, neither was “GoPhone,” but it’s what we now have.

To celebrate this name change, even though absolutely nothing else is changing from what we can tell, AT&T is offering two free months of Prepaid service to anyone who signs up for the service and keeps the account in good standing. As detailed, should you keep the account alive, you’ll receive a bill credit on the 3rd month and the 12th month, with each credit equalling enough to give you a free month of usage.

This promotion is limited to two tiers: $60/month option ($65/month before AutoPay) and the $40/month option ($45/month before AutoPay). The higher priced option is the Unlimited plan, but note that AT&T may slow your speeds after 22GB of high-speed usage, and as AT&T mentions, “Data speed limited to a max of 3Mbps; video streaming limited to 1.5Mbps at SD quality.” The less expensive plan comes with 6GB of data.

And that’s it. Nothing else changes.

Pour one out for GoPhone.

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