5 Android Apps to Try: July 2017

best new android apps july 2017

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Need some new Android apps to kick off July with? We’ve got 5 of them for you below. You’ll find a good range of apps too, from weather and wallpapers, to internet security and calorie counting. Everything should be free to use, but some may include in-app purchases to remove ads.

Today Weather


Today Weather has been out for a handful of months now, but it’s definitely worth giving a shot even though there are dozens upon dozens of weather apps to choose from. It’s free and features a truly beautiful, dark-themed yet minimal UI. It does have ads here and there, but you can pay to have them removed.

You’ll find forecasts, photos that correspond to the weather and the day, air quality and UV indexes, sunrise and sunset info, what’s currently going on with the moon, and severe weather alerts. Of course, you can follow the weather of multiple locations, choose your weather source, and pick from a long list of widgets. It does a lot more than that, but those are a few of the info bits you’ll find.

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PureEarth Wallpapers


You guys know how much I love a good satellite image of this beautiful Earth, so it’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of PureEarth Wallpapers. This app is constantly refreshing its wallpaper options, plus it’s free and there are no ads.

When viewing a wallpaper, you’ll see who captured the image, as well as controls over color, the amount of blur you’d like to see, and download and share options. PureEarth also lets you submit your own satellite images, if contributing sounds like something you’d be interested in, it keeps a history of the wallpapers you’ve chosen, and will select random photos for you to keep that home screen as fresh as ever. Oh, it even has Muzei support.

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It’s going to take some solid testing to see if Bitesnap can be the next great calorie tracking app, but I sure like the approach. With Bitesnap, you pull out your phone and take a picture of the meal you are about to eat. The app then tries to use “advanced image recognition” to pull out the different food items to hopefully let you quickly add items to your daily log. The whole idea here is to keep you from having to type out each item, because that can be hell throughout a day. Food loggers know what I’m talking about.

This app uses your food images to track calories, help you stay on target to reach weight goals, and even has barcode scanning in case you don’t fully trust its food image recognition skills. And everything is displayed in a well-designed app.

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Apps like Changes aren’t necessarily new, but I certainly find them useful from time to time. The purpose is to help you keep track of the changes to your apps as they update. Since most developers are terrible at updating the “What’s New” section of their apps, you may have stopped looking long ago. This app will let you know should something actually change.

The app is designed well, now has a dark theme option, lets you search through your apps, and allows for apps to be ignored.

This is technically an “unreleased” app that could be unstable, but the developer does seem to be actively working on it.

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Firefox Focus

firefox focus

We actually wrote up Firefox Focus a couple of weeks ago, but I think it’s worth sharing again. In a time where privacy is so important, especially as you browse the internet, these types of browsers will only become more popular.

With Firefox Focus, you get a browser that is fully private, free, and “always on your side,” according to its makers. It does its best to block web trackers, it erases your browsing history when done, and should allow for a faster web experience since it blocks ads.

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