Question of the Day: 3 Favorite Things About Your Phone?

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No matter what phone I’m testing at the moment, there are undoubtedly going to be things about it that I don’t like. Whether its poor performance, awful software tweaks, a slippery exterior, or subpar camera experience, I have yet to find a phone that is perfect. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a whole bunch of good things that can outweigh even the biggest flaws.

For example, Samsung is still pretty bad at software and performance, yet the Galaxy S8 is easily a top 3 phone to be considered and will probably sell in record amounts. And it’ll do so because of its design, display, and camera, three of the most important aspects to any phone that Samsung has absolutely nailed. You’ve also got phones like the OnePlus 5 with subpar cameras and uninspired designs, yet this one in particular is still a worthwhile phone because of its decent price, awesome software experience, and incredible battery life.

So rather than dwell on the bad stuff, I’m just curious about the things you love about your phone. What makes your phone the phone for you? What are 3 things about your phone that keep it in your pocket or made you buy it in the first place?



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