DEAL: Save $30 on Google WiFi Through Amazon, 3-Pack Priced at $270

google wifi deal

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Over on Amazon, anyone can grab a 3-pack of Google WiFi for about $30 off the usual retail price, with the system listed at $269.99. If you only need a single WiFi point, though, that is also on sale for $114 ($15 off).

If you haven’t yet upgraded your home to a mesh WiFi network, I must say, it’s pretty awesome. In the few months I have been using Google WiFi, I have had zero problems, and the hand-off between the points located in various spaces of my home has been lovely. If you have a multi-level home with a few rooms, I highly recommend checking it out.

The below link will take you straight to the 3-pack on Amazon, but if you only need a single point, you can select that option. You can always add more points in the future if need be.

Amazon Link



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