Google Photos Gets Sweet New Sharing UI, Family Library Arriving Too (Updated)

google photos share ui

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Google Photos is seeing an upgrade rollout this week to its sharing functionality that so far, I’m really liking. They also appear to be pushing out the Family Group share that was shown shortly after Google I/O back in May.

The new sharing UI (pictured above and below), allows you to view a single photo, tap the share button, then continue to select additional photos from the page that would typically only show sharing options. In other words, if you are looking at a photo and decide to share, but then realize you may want to select additional photos, you can now do so. I know that seems like a minor change, but it makes a lot of sense as you browse through individual photos before sending them off to friends and family. This also allows you to select multiple photos from within a photo, rather than backing out to the gallery view and then doing so.

Additionally, a reader of ours (see below) is now seeing the Family Group option while sharing photos. We know this is coming and will allow you to quickly add photos to an ongoing family library, but when is anyone’s guess. It must be a server-side option, since Google Photos hasn’t necessarily been updated in recent days.

UPDATE: Should also point out, as a reader noted in the comments, that the backup and sync “While charging only” option is going away. I have it still on my Galaxy S8, but it is no longer available on any of my other phones.

Anyone else seeing these new goodies?



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