Sprint Wants to Give You Free Unlimited Data for 1 Year if You Switch Over

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Sprint is currently running a pretty wild promotion that customers of Verizon (possibly AT&T and T-Mobile too) might want to consider, assuming they have decent Sprint coverage in their area. Should you switch over from your carrier to Sprint by June 30, Sprint is willing to give you free unlimited data for the next year. And I’m talking almost 100% free, where your bill will be little to nothing for the next 12 months.

The promotion isn’t being heavily promoted by Sprint, but it’s starting to get play across media and deal outlets because it sure looks like a heck of a deal. Again, free unlimited at Sprint for the next year if you switch over. 

According to the Sprint promotion page for this free unlimited deal, all you need to do is bring over a phone from another carrier that works on Sprint’s network. It’ll need to be unlocked, which all Verizon phones are. If you aren’t on Verizon, you’ll just have to make sure your phone is eligible.

The process goes something like this:

  1. Confirm that your phone works on Sprint’s network and is eligible
  2. Order a SIM card (one time $2.99 SIM charge, plus $10 shipping)
  3. Then activate your SIM once it arrives in your phone that you confirmed above

So wait, what’s the sneaky catch here? Umm, I’m not finding one yet! If you have an eligible phone, you’ll sign-up and get Sprint’s unlimited data plan that features unlimited talk and text, up-to 1080p video, and 10GB hotspot data.

So how much do you actually pay? As mentioned above, you have to buy a SIM card for each line ($2.99 each) and pay the $10 shipping for those. There is an initial $30 activation fee, but Sprint will credit that back after 2 bills. You will have to pay “standard $1.99 admin fee, $0.40 regulatory fee and other taxes and fees.” If you sign-up for bill autopay and an eBill, there is no charge there. However, if you cancel autopay, you’ll pay $5 per line per month. If you skip both autopay and paperless billing, a $7.99 charge could be added.

Also, you must own the phone you are bringing to Sprint. Should you have other payments to pay on it from your other carrier, you’ll likely have to pay that off. Sprint won’t do that for you, from what I can tell.

What happens in 12 months? Well, you’ll have to start paying for service if you stick with Sprint. The good news is, there is no contract here. Once the free 12 months is up, you are free to walk away. Should you stay, though, you’ll pay $60 per month for line 1 on your account, $40 for line 2, and $30 for lines 3-5.

There are likely other details you want to check out (like the list of eligible phones), so be sure to hit that link below.

Sprint Sign-up Link

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