Android Distribution Updated for June 2017: Nougat is At 9.5%, Apple!

android distribution june

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After Apple did its best to clown Android’s slow adoption of its newest Android version earlier today, Google clapped back with fire, showing Apple that Nougat is actually doing much better than the 7% Apple mocked. The real Android distribution numbers, updated moments ago, show a huuuuuuuge Nougie increase from May to June.

We’re now at 9.5%, folks. I know, try to breathe as you take that in. 

In other number news, Marshmallow hasn’t moved from its 31.2% share, while Lollipop dropped to 30.8%. KitKat is now at 18.1%, Jelly Bean is at 8.8%, Ice Cream Sandwich is at 0.8%, and Gingerbread is down to 0.8%.

Cool. Last month’s numbers can be found here.

Via: Android Developers



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