Verizon Tweaks Prepaid Line-Up by Improving Some Options, Throttling Others (Updated)


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Believe it or not, Verizon’s prepaid line-up has gotten pretty good in recent years. As a company that has never in its history been referred to as offering “great value,” their prepaid options actually danced near that line. And still today, even with an announcement that new plans are coming that will shift most of their prepaid line, they still offer some decent choices. Unfortunately, one of their better all of their prepaid options are taking a hit in terms of video playback. 

Starting June 6, Verizon’s prepaid line-up will look like this:

  • 3GB – $40
  • 7GB – $50
  • 10GB – $60
  • Unlimited – $80

For those attempting to keep track, the $40 plan is jumping from 2GB to 3GB data and the $50 plan is jumping from 5GB to 7GB. Additionally, the 10GB plan is dropping from $70 to $60. That’s great news for those on non-unlimited plans.

While the price changes are nice, Verizon will now be throttling the video streams on all prepaid plans to 480p at all times. It’s exactly like how the $80 “unlimited” plan works. Not only that, but if you are in a congested network location, they could throttle you behind other customers.

If you aren’t on Verizon prepaid yet, signing up right now will land you a $100 credit that shows up after your second payment. I do believe you’ll need to sign-up in store, though.

Verizon Prepaid Sign-Up

UPDATE: Verizon has confirmed to us that all prepaid plans now throttle video to 480p. We’ve updated the post to make it accurate.

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