Adobe Scan Makes It Easier Than Ever to Scan Documents and Share Them

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Adobe released a new app today called Adobe Scan and I’m already pretty obsessed with it. It’s a document scanner, which doesn’t sound all that exciting, but trust me, document-pile folk, it is.

With Adobe Scan, you get Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that isn’t exactly new tech. But Adobe says that most apps make you pay for it, whereas they are giving it to you for free. Yes, Adobe Scan is free. All of your scans are stored in Adobe Document Cloud, which as far as I know is free to use in a basic sense, but does have upgraded plans with more features available. 

The app lets you scan just about anything. You can do documents and forms, of course, but it’ll also scan notes, business cards, pictures, and big ol’ whiteboards. Adobe Scan finds edges of items before scanning, scans them, attempts to clean them, and then gives you some quick tools like crop, rotate, reorder, etc. You can add photos to scans and quickly share them. More importantly, Adobe Scan converts whatever you scan to a PDF while also attempting to convert any text it finds. That means you can then edit those PDFs, search within them, highlight or comment on stuff, and more.

Again, document scanners are boring, but this one is free and powered by Adobe. Give it a look.

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