Samsung SoundAssistant App is Here to Give You Ultimate Audio Power

samsung soundassistant

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Samsung released a new app this past week called SoundAssistant. The app attempts to give you new control over your device’s audio that you probably wish you had always had. We’re talking about controls over individual app audio, an always accessible floating button for audio controls, and specific scenarios depending on time of day or location. 

The app is free right now for Samsung Galaxy owners with the S8 or S7. If you have another Samsung device, feel free to hit that link below and see if it’s available.

Samsung lists the app as having the following:

  • Allow you to control the media volume instead of ringtone when pressing the volume keys
  • Support individual application volume (You can control the volume of music and games differently)
  • 150 steps of fine volume and support Floating Equalizer(EQ
  • Create and activate personalize sound settings
  • Support mono audio and left/right balance
  • Galaxy S8 only: Different output path for each app can be specified. (Music app -> Bluetooth, Game app -> Speaker)

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